Job Details

  • Title: Application Developer
  • Code: RCI-DSS-0417
  • Location: Brooklyn New York (NY) 11201
  • Posted Date: 04/12/2019
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Status: Open/Slot Over
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  Job Description

PROJECT NAME:  Work Tracking System - Phase III
DSS JOB TITLE:  Application Developer_2
Revised : This position allows 40 Hrs/Week

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The Work Tracking System under this initiative would provide a new automated capability for arranging, scheduling, assigning and routing all of the tasks involved in SNAP eligibility and case management work according to due date, priority, availability of appropriately-skilled resources, and estimated duration. In order to keep the WTS up-to-date, frontend and backend integration with systems such as Paperless Office System (POS) and Streamlined POS, New York City Work, Accountability and You (NYCWAY) and the State’s Welfare Management System (WMS) will be needed to inform and trigger various actions and indicators in the WTS. The WTS will perform automatic calculations using dates, status values, and other inputs from these systems and leverage discrete business rules to categorize, prioritize, and assign available work. In addition, a small number of interfaces in SPOS must be developed in order to provide the full functionality of WTS. This includes, but not limited to Eligibility Document review and Unified SNAP intake.

Tasks & Duties
•  Develop System Design
•  Develops and prepares documents for the general design of solutions that meet system and security requirements, including the selection of alternative approaches.
•  Develops specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software configurations.
•  Develops structured diagrams for the specifications of databases, communication systems, computer or storage area networks, security or network programs.
•  Develop and maintain PL/SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, SQL statements in Oracle 12c.
•  Develop system documentation
•  Develop operational and installation procedures for communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software
•  Develops guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures for the support of databases, hardware systems, operating systems software, network systems software, security and client server systems.
•  Develops, compiles, maintains and documents configurations of the following: databases, servers, computers, security and network monitor systems, packaged programs, macros, utilities, and communication systems
•  Perform System Coding
•  Create the program code in .NET environment
•  Provide general programming assistance to other ITS programmers/projects as may be needed.
•  Test and maintain the program code to make sure it meets all the functional requirements

Required Skills
•  Minimum 8 Years Experience with Development and Maintenance of PL/SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, SQL statements in Oracle 12c.
•  Minimum 8 Years Experience with Performance Tuning including tuning/optimizing SQL, PL/SQL code.
•  Minimum 8 Years Experience working with XML Processing, Object oriented programming with large objects.
•  Minimum 8 Years Experience with data structures, data manipulation, databases, design, programming, testing and implementation
•  Minimum 8 Years Experience with technical and user documentation, software conversion