Job Details

  • Title: Recruitment Support
  • Code: RCI-PFE-15115-1
  • Location: New Haven Connecticut (CT) 06511
  • Posted Date: 05/14/2019
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Status: Open
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  Job Description


Summarize the primary purpose & key accountabilities of the job.

The Volunteer Recruitment Support assists the colleagues working in the Business Operations department for all recruitment related activities of trial subjects:

  • Database development and maintenance, pre selection of suitable study candidates, organize recruitment related activities pre-, per- and post study. Supports clinical trials by drafting/using different recruitment related documents, performs administrative activities
  • Contributes to compliance of regulatory requirements related to the protection of volunteer’s confidential data


Subject/Patient Database Maintenance

  • SME in database query, ensures all information is entered consistently and correctly so that database is searchable with reliable information
  • Assists in development and maintenance of the PCRU subject recruitment capabilities to conduct a broad range of studies
  • Assists in the identification, exploration and implementation of new methods for subject recruitment to extend the panel
  • May assist in the implementation of recruitment campaigns, including the design, drafting & publication of advertisements in various media.
  • Maintain accuracy, accessibility, and confidentiality of volunteer records and reports
  • May act as a primary contact person for new potential volunteers, responsibilities include:
  • Answering incoming calls from potential volunteers responding to any methods of recruitment,
  • Inform them about the unit activity, the overall recruitment process and studies,
  • Enters gathered information accurately into the database;
  • Must be able to process new requests from different media (Internet platform and others).
  • Contacts volunteers already listed in the database for proactive engagement, answers questions about the clinical trial process. Inform potential volunteers on the next steps and/or scheduled appointments and how to reach the clinical research unit.

Recruitment and Screening Activities (overseen by Supervisor)

  • Provide support to internal clinical research staff in the pre-selection of subjects for eligibility using protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria;
  • Communicate protocol requirements to study subjects and patients calling to inquire about specific studies;
  • May create and manage various communication methods to subjects, including but not limited to letters, text messaging, and mailings;
  • Manage subject phone calls including scheduling/rescheduling of appointments;
  • Responsible for meeting timelines required for filling specific study screenings and for filling cohorts and groups for dosing.
  • Provides training to less experienced phone screen staff when needed and demonstrates ability to problem solve.
  • Maintains a positive and professional attitude to the subject population, understanding they are the first contact subjects have with the CRU;
  • Track phone call metrics from sources of advertising so that advertising strategies can be decided based on what is most effective;
  • May write and update recruitment related documents for subject use as appropriate
  • Communicate protocol requirements to study subjects and contribute to compliance
  • Demonstrate positive attitude to the subject population to ensure subject’s trust in clinical research

Support Clinical Trials (under responsibility of the Principal Investigator)

  • Assist in the conduct of clinical trials in the PCRU
  • May obtain signed informed consent from candidate trial-subjects
  • May assist in staff scheduling as appropriate
  • May assist in the data management/cleaning activities for assigned protocols
  • Identify new options to problem solving and execution of the protocol
  • Document individual subject’s participation while involved in study activities
  • Responsible for recording study data, maintaining source documentation, and updating subject database, not only specific to study participation


  • Participate in community outreach efforts
  • Assist in development and maintenance of social media presence including managing all website updates (managing ads, posting new content etc.)
  • Assist in the increase of the unit awareness
  • Participate in PCRU teams to accomplish business needs and resolve issues
  • Ensure data collection of high quality and transfer to relevant departments
  • Ability to take over and manage other specific projects
  • Participate in the communication and study related meetings
  • Ensure clinical trials are conducted in accordance with scientific, medical, and ethical principles, within regulatory requirements/guidelines, and SOPs
  • May participate in the different administrative parts related to the execution of Phase I clinical studies.
  • Support ongoing capture and analysis of metrics to demonstrate value and increase productivity
  • 40 hour position; includes some weekend and evening hours;
  • Represents the PCRU on global initiatives as subject matter expert, as appropriate
  • May participate in the communication and study related meetings
  • May participate in the different financial matters, including purchasing/orders management, contact with suppliers, budgets set up and management, monthly expenses justification, bank account management, payment of subjects
  • May act as a receptionist.
  • Supports ongoing capture and analysis of metrics to demonstrate value and increase productivity
  • Participates in the creation and implementation of global and local SOPs


  • Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, or related discipline, required
  • Health care practice experience/training with valid license, preferred
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a clinical setting
  • Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred
  • BLS certification
  • Proficiency in using MS Office tools suite (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Understanding of local regulatory requirements (e.g., ICH, GCP)
  • Understanding of the drug development process
  • Spanish language fluency strongly preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Excellent customer service and professionalism