Job Details

  • Title: Enrollment Clerk
  • Code: RCI-ZON-7547-1
  • Location: Newark New Jersey (NJ) 07105
  • Posted Date: 06/10/2019
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Status: Open/Slot Over
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  Job Description

Ensure proper work preparation for Enrollment Specialists, weekly reporting on inventory, and prepare audit sampling on a monthly basis
- Preparation of work for Enrollment Service Specialists (sorting it by type and stamp dating it before delivered).
- Analyze work to ensure proper handling or correct routing procedures take place.
- Manage inventory (controls ins and outs) via mail, fax, emails, and interoffice.
Gather data to perform inventory reports (weekly and as needed).
- Pull monthly quality samples based on listings received from Internal Audit (from MTM Audit). 
Batch and submit hardcopy of audit samples to Imaging department.
- Responsible for batching mail that is sent out to members