Job Details

  • Title: Project Coordinator
  • Code: RCI-31718-1
  • Location: Redmond, WA 98052
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2022
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

Remote Locations: Baltimore, MD , Boston, MA , Houston, TX , Los Angeles, CA , and San Diego, CA .

  1. Tell me about your team. So, I know where this person will fit in. What do you do? Supporting M&A operations, need help with vendor onboarding, need help with vender onboarding operation, need some helping with steering committee
  2. What part will this contingent worker be playing; What will they do from day to day? Vendor onboarding
  3. What tools/programs will they need to know coming in?  Office suite, Google Suite,
  4. What common traits do your most successful partners share?  Working with Asia and Europe Vendors. Communication, being able to manage yourself, self-driven, training, initiative
  5. What type of employee tends to do well in this role; Explain their background to me. Business operations previous experience, vendor onboarding . Experience with display and optics vendors


  • Vendor onboarding (D&O related, Critical first (inclusive other functions), stretch for noncritical non D&O) for new acquisitions
  • Attend Integration meeting and take on tactical actions
  • Coordination for new D&O acquisition steerco
  • Maintain agenda
  • Take minutes and actions items
Maintain scorecards for:
  • New deals
  • On-going integrations
  • Maintain WP for D&O acquisition integration (new)
Aggregate acquisition plans and create+maintain consolidated timeline, including:
  • Facilities plans
  • Migration plans
  • Others
  • Train Target resources with PO and vendor onboarding tools when applicable
  • (optional) Track key and sensitive POs - Help Target
  • (optional) Track key and sensitive SoWs - Help Target


Coordinate with M&A Finance PMO, and liaise with M&A Client Leads and Target POC(s) to achieve the following:

  • Perform vendor research - determine if Client already has existing relationship with vendor, if an SOW is required, rationalization of vendor or use an existing vendor
  • Perform Vendor Onboarding activities - questionnaire and invitations
  • Prioritize D&O vendors for onboarding
  • Facilitate SOW and TPA process as needed
  • Monitor, track and report status
  • Manage Vendor onboarding until vendors have been issued a PO