Job Details

  • Title: Full Stack Developer
  • Code: RCI-85822Y0284
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York 11201 (Temporary Remote)
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2022
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

Work Location;  2 Metrotech preferred. Remote optional.


The Software Developer will work with City software developers to build and test software related to MyCity. Work will be done in agile sprints, with work being assigned from a prioritized backlog. All developers will conduct code reviews, and have their code reviewed. All code should be tested where appropriate, as agreed with the City engineering leads.


  • Write software, assigned from a prioritized backlog, in line with MyCity development practices and styles.
  • Write unit tests and conduct functional testing as agreed with the City Engineering leads.
  • Attend and participate in architecture, approach, and other technical  conversations as appropriate and requested by City Engineering leads.
  • Attend all mandatory agile ceremonies, such as standup, pointing, retro, show & tell, etc.
  • Participate as part of a user-centered agile product delivery team
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience writing software in the technologies listed below, specific to the solicited role (other technologies listed for context)
  • Experience working with Git based workflows, and specifically Github
  • Experience working in story based workflows, Azure DevOps, JIRA, Trello, or other story or kanban style workflow


  1. Back end:
    1. Java
    2. Spring Boot
    3. Postgres
  2. Front end:
    1. nbsp;       React JS (version 16 and later, including features such as React Hooks)
    2. Redux
    3. Typescript
    4. Sass
    5. Familiarity with using Design Systems
  3. Cloud hosting environment
    1. AWS
      1. EC2
      2. ECS Fargate
      3. Docker
      4. SQS
      5. Terraform
  4. Git based version control in GitHub
    1. Github Pipelines
    2. Azure DevOps build environment


  • Experience writing unit tests and conducting functional testing of your code, and others’
  • Experience building micro service based products
  • Experience writing developer focused API documentation
  • Experience building and/or architecting large complex systems
  • Experience building integrations with legacy government systems
  • Experience working with the US Web Design System
  • Experience working with internationalization approaches and implementation
  • Experience working with WCAG AA/508 accessibility standards
  • Full stack developer experience


All candidates submitting resumes must complete at least the “Dog License” assessment plus only one of the other exercises (for a total 2 exercises).

Candidates can pick the activity they think shows their strongest skill for the role they are applying for from the list below. Applications without accompanying assessment(s) will not be evaluated.

Please use the link below:


 Assessments should be hosted on Github, in either public or private repositories. If they are hosted in private repositories, the repository must be shared with the following user accounts before the closing date of the solicitation:

  1. jisaf
  2. nyccto-rapicastillo
  3. arkitex

Assessment files are provided along with this solicitation. In “” you will find all the assessment descriptions. Files required to complete the assessments are included in “” and “” 

  • All candidates are required to complete “Dog License”
  • Fullstack Candidates complete one of “Fetch” and/or “Hhbuilder” and/or “SLCSP” and/or “Proto”