Job Details

  • Title: Administrative Assistant
  • Code: RCI-18633-1
  • Location: Dallas, TX 75206
  • Posted Date: 07/14/2022
  • Duration: 12 Months
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  Job Description

This is an onsite, part time position with work days being Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Position summary:

Major responsibilities:

  • Manage maintenance requests.
  • Enter work orders into building maintenance website, including HVAC requests, lightbulb changes, pest calls, plumbing, etc.
  • Work with approved vendors to address maintenance requests that are not handled by the building, including locksmith, vending machines, generator, etc.
  • When necessary, work with building management to ensure office cleaning is up to par, and meet with maintenance manager to propose resolutions to existing issues.
  • Pay invoices for ongoing services (e.g. phone, cable), and any 3rd party vendors that are called for ad hoc maintenance requests. Reconcile P-card every month and allocate expenses to the correct cost center.
  • Ensure office is stocked with general supplies (e.g. copy paper, pens, post-its, etc.).
  • Handle site-related communications.
  • Ensure employees are made aware of important announcements including security alerts, building alerts, building newsletters, housekeeping items, site-wide events, etc.
  • Manage logistics for leadership visits.
  • Reserve rooms, assist with creating agendas (which often includes coordination across departments), order catering, set up tours (if needed), and coordinate touchpoints between visiting leaders and site employees.
  • Assist with the coordination of on-site events.
  • Reserve room(s), ensure the proper setup of room(s) and technology, order catering (if needed), etc.
  • Manage seating charts using PLANON software.
  • Ensure employees are properly marked in their appropriate work spaces, and liaison with managers as employees move in and out of spaces.
  • Address any ad hoc seating questions and requests, provide desk keys (if needed), etc.
  • Maintain and update site-related procedures (as needed) covering topics including how to book conference rooms, how to order supplies, etc.

Technical expertise:

  • Strong organizational skills, as this position requires the ability to handle multiple tasks as site coordinator at one of our major locations.
  • The ability to problem solve, use available resources, and find solutions to site-related issues that may arise is important (e.g. unexpected maintenance issues, etc.).

Business Knowledge:

  • Use strong relationships with local leadership and 3rd party vendors to ensure all site-related requests are processed and met efficiently, accurately, and timely.
  • Assist with planning the agendas for Service leadership visits to the Service Centers (i.e. handle the logistics) and help ensure the visits runs smoothly.


  • Must be able to influence others over whom s/he has no direct authority (e.g. ensuring 3rd party vendors and site landlords are responsive to our needs and requests).

Problem Solving:

  • Must be able to multi-task and balance competing priorities as well as deal with last-minute shifts in plans with flexibility and composure.
  • Must be able to anticipate issues, develop recommendations to handle these issues, and be comfortable flagging any potential areas of risk or delay to management.

Decision making/Nature of Impact:

  • Must be able to manage a wide range of site-related requests.
  • Must also consider different factors when assisting with events and scheduling and make recommendations on how best to handle, using judgment and decision-making abilities.

Communication Skills:

  • Clear written and verbal communication skills are needed, particularly when fielding site-related requests and handling site-wide communications.

Bachelors Degree Preferred

  • 0 -2 years experience