Job Details

  • Title: Application & Infrastructure SME
  • Code: RCI-12138
  • Location: Waltham, MA 02451
  • Posted Date: 08/09/2022
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

 Mandatory Qualification and Experience for TOMS Application & Infrastructure:

  • (Client) is seeking an experienced Telecommunications Operations Management System (TOMS) Engineer for a position within the Client Modernization Execution (GME) Department.
  • This position will be responsible for the both the short term and long-term operations of the TOMS software system that will be used throughout Client for the planning, designing, engineering, deployment commissioning, maintaining, and decommissioning of all Client Operational Telecommunications (OT) Networks and Systems.
  • These OT Network & System solutions may include private radio networks & systems, fiber optic networks & systems, microwave networks & systems, meters, IoT, smart Client communications networks, leased and managed wired & wireless telecom services, or a combination of these to meet the company’s communications requirements.
  • We rely heavily on these telecom networks and systems to support the construction, operation, maintenance, and restoration of its electric and gas delivery networks providing SCADA, protection, VoIP and other connectivity.
  • The TOMS software system will be a primary tool in the scoping of cost effective, secure, scalable, & reliable network solutions in conformance with Client’s network policies, processes, procedures, standards, and guidelines as well as telecom network architecture & strategy.

Position Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

Serve as the TOMS lead technical and functional resource for:

  • Oversee the user administration and functional operation of the TOMS software.
  • Reporting to the Client and Network Communications IT/OT Manager, oversee and provide daily tasks and general project direction for a staff supporting the TOMS software at various levels.
  • Software user access, license maintenance and administration to the Client user base.
  • Project lead for TOMS related network-driven capital projects with responsibility to champion project drivers and scope to both internal and external stakeholders for interfaces and upgrades to the TOMS software including Unified Technology Operation Center (UTOC) system and similar interfaces, patch releases, software upgrades and new features
  • TOMS Subject Matter Expert (SME) for interface to IT architecture and infrastructure resources for the hardware and architectural needs to meet performance metrics of TOMS for Client users.

Lead SME for TOMS project initial setup and baseline (deployment is currently in progress):

  • TOMS is a third-party, off the shelf software product being implemented by a technology/software integrator and Client IT resources that will be both configured and customized for Client.
  • This position will support the implementation, from start up to ”go-live”, effort by the GME project team, Client IT as well as to the supplier/integrator which will include the initial project baselining. The TOMS program is in two phases; Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which has completed, and post MVP (fully functional).

These phases will involve:

  • Overseeing the setup, transfer and quality assurance of data from multiple technical sources within Client, initially through data imports followed by establishment of two-way interfaces (GIS, financial, FCC ULS and similar), as well as multiple occurrences of one-way data interfaces (that will be run several times throughout the software deployment) and, initial and continued input of manually captured and managed data into the system.
  • Support for the field survey validation process of “as-expected” equipment for all Client OT Networks and Systems including substations, data centers, telecommunications sites and other Client facilities.
  • This support will include supporting the field survey teams through set-up of the “as-expected” site telecommunications data and manual load methods as well as the quality assurance/validation and TOMS entry of the “as-found” data, including site physical data.
  • All data for TOMS is built into equipment templates which will be the responsibility of this position and related staff.
  • Templates are integrated with sites and connected through both physical and logical circuits which will be captured during the field surveys managed by others and input by staff under this position.
  • Training: ensure that training is maintained for all Client user staff for understanding and utilization of the TOMS software.
  • This will include overseeing development of train-the-trainer capabilities for both personnel under your direction as well as potentially Client training personnel.
  • Lead interdisciplinary technical teams through the optioneering process, develop project scopes, cost estimates and project schedules applying Client’s project progression model to interfaces and enhancements to TOMS.
  • Provide support, coordination, planning, and update for the implementation of Client’s OT Strategy & Roadmap relative to TOMS, making sure all in-flight and future telecom projects and initiatives are supported by TOMS and in synch and staying within the framework of Client’s Operational Strategy & Roadmap.
  • Maintain TOMS product currency including:
    • Capture & analyze current and evolving TOMS related telecom requirements from internal and external stakeholders,
    • Keep up to date with telecom technologies and solutions,
    • Keep up to date with changing FAA and FCC regulations as well as changes in telecom network landscape so to communicate these changes to stakeholders, and
    • Provide updates to Client’s OT Strategy & Roadmap as appropriate.
    • Insure that TOMS provides planning and network engineering services for radio, microwave, and fiber optic networks and systems to meet the needs of internal and external customers.
    • Development and implementation of the work order and work flow processes within TOMS to match documented work flow for all users with a goal of insuring completion of all steps within defined processes.
    • Use strategic asset management techniques to prioritize assets and identify risks.
    • Provide direction and guidance for a technical team for the support and operations of TOMS to include Senior, Analyst and junior level staff level positions.
    • Provide configuration expertise, knowledge and support for the TOMS software to users for:
    • Development and implementation of processes, tools and documentation for Client Modernization Execution, aligning to Transmission Planning & Asset Management and Distribution Planning and Asset Management to maintain compliance with ISO New England rules/policies, NYISO rules/policies, NPCC Criteria/Directories, NERC Standards, and FERC Orders.
    • Work order and work flow.
    • Support or lead development of technical policies relating to network assets and provide authoritative advice to support the realization of Client objectives.
    • Research new technologies, investigate implementation strategies, and drive the conceptual development of innovative projects/solutions related to TOMS.
    • Support establishing the networking environment by assisting Client engineers in designing system configuration, directing system installation and defining, documenting and enforcing system standards.
    • Design and implement new solutions and improve resilience of the current environment.
    • Maximize network performance by monitoring performance, troubleshooting network problems and outages, scheduling upgrades and collaborating with network architects on network optimization.
    • Undertake data network fault investigations in local and wide area environments using information from multiple sources.
  • Provide remote support to on-site engineers and end users/customers during installation and into operations.
  • Provide remote troubleshooting and fault finding if issues occur upon initial installation.
  • Assist Client engineers with capacity management functionality within TOMS.
  • Liaise with project management teams, third-line engineers and service desk engineers on a regular basis for telecommunications issues where TOMS is a tool.
  • Speak to internal customers via email and phone for initial requirement capture.
  • Provide interface and customization expertise, knowledge and support for the TOMS software internally and through interface with the software developer as required.
  • Oversee, plan and develop the budget for the run the business (RTB) costs associated with the TOMS software including input for medium- and long-term capital budgetary planning.
  • As Client is a member of the Shared Telecom Network (STN) in New England, this position may collaborate with other Telecom Operators/Owners as well as Users/Members of the STN to provide and maintain documentation for a network consistent with the goals of Client that results in the interconnection and sharing of the Operators’ private telecommunications infrastructure.

Knowledge & Experience Required:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering from an accredited college or university required.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a network engineering, telecommunications or related field.
  • High level of demonstrated experience with telecommunications networks, fiber optics, wireline and wireless telecommunications systems at core, transport, local area and field area levels with a preference for utility-based telecommunications experience in these areas.
  • Demonstrated experience with GIS and/or CAD systems including the ability to document objects with geospatial representations.