Job Details

  • Title: Principal Software Engineer
  • Code: RCI-12076
  • Location: Waltham, MA 02451
  • Posted Date: 08/10/2022
  • Duration: 6 Months
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  Job Description

 Principal Software Engineer

  • As a Principal Software Engineer, you will be guiding software engineering development across several teams, and solving our most challenging technical problems, providing prototypes for our larger engineering team.
  • You will actively contribute to the success of the org by creating a center of excellence for engineering and software architecture.
  • A highly-valued engineer with an org-wide presence.
  • An Engineer with the ability to very quickly learn new languages, new frameworks, and adapt and apply their skills to new technical environments with little to no struggle.
  • Able to drop into complex, chaotic technical challenges and bring order and direction.
  • Likely to not be attached to a single squad, Principal Engineers will float through the organization based on need and build core, repeatable standards that can be applied broadly.
  • Principal Engineers cannot be hired/promoted in to their position unless approved by other principal engineers. Principal Software Engineers will typically have 20+ years of experience.

Key Accountabilities

  • Supports product teams to understand and resolve critical technical issues in almost any engineering product
  • Demonstrates an expert knowledge of industry best practice in at least one programming language and technology stack
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and commercial experience in the usage and implementation of cloud based solutions and products, containerisation products, and traditional on-premise server and virtualisation solutions.
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge in networking concepts and infrastructure in both traditional and cloud environments
  • Creates complex architectural designs that are able to be understood and implemented by the engineering product teams
  • Builds demonstrable prototypes to expedite the validation of proposed products or architectures
  • Gains knowledge in alternative technology areas outside their comfort zone
  • Coaches and educates software engineers at all levels so they can upskill and become self sufficient
  • Participates in the prioritization of the Core Engineering team backlog
  • Maintains a thorough understanding of the Client technology landscape and is able to work effectively within it to execute the company goals
  • Actively influencer of company wide technology decisions

Qualifications and Experience

  • Responsible for monitoring technical capabilities across product teams.
  • Actively works inside teams to drive adoption of practices and ways of working
  • Works with Core Engineering leadership to prioritise work across the Core Engineering landscape
  • Promotes an open culture of continual learning and innovation
  • Demonstrates new findings in technology regularly to the wider engineering community
  • Actively working with multiple software engineering teams to introduce new tooling to align with industry trends
  • Actively working with product teams to become aligned to best practices and standards while remaining autonomous
  • Can effectively communicate an architectural or product vision to any level of the software engineering structure including stakeholders
  • Leads internal presentations on technical topics, fostering growth in knowledge at Client
  • Participates in efforts to move all engineering teams to a high performing, self sufficient state
  • Leads presentations at conference events, representing the technical brand of Client
  • Aids Core Engineering leadership with identifying colleagues suitable for promotion to principal engineering
  • Participate in the hiring of new senior talent to Core Engineering
  • Participate in the hiring of new senior talent to product teams
  • Participate in the creation of hiring materials with Core Engineering leadership and Senior Principal Engineers
  • Be a representative for Core Engineering across the organisation in organisation wide interactions
  • Participates at conference events representing the technical brand of Client

Some more specific information on these roles:


You will

  • Inspire our product engineers to be their best through demonstration of software engineering best practice
  • Help our engineering teams to design and deliver modern multi-domain architectures within an Azure and .NET environment
  • Foster a culture of quality software engineering by demonstrating leading application testing, security and operations skills
  • Drop into our engineering teams to help them solve their most complex software problems
  • Lead curation and maintenance of software engineering documentation
  • Represent us at internal and external events

You are

  • An expert in delivery of software products in the Microsoft stack
  • Equally at home discussing modern front-end and back-end delivery technologies
  • Passionate about ensuring software engineers have the right space and tools to do their jobs well
  • An advocate for delivering software products that are of the highest quality and maintainability
  • Able to bring innovative skills and learning to the engineering teams you work with
  • An influencer amongst technical leadership, pushing to drive the company towards best practice software engineering
  • Possessing outstanding written, verbal and presentation skills


Azure | AWS | GCP | C# | JavaScript | TypeScript | NoSQL | Eventing | Agile