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We believe that our job is to make your job easier and hassle free. By "you," we mean job seekers—the primary reason we exist as a company. Rangam has developed web and mobile friendly technologies to facilitate better communication with job seekers while also efficiently managing the entire recruitment lifecycle. Furthermore, our digital presence provides an added advantage to today’s job seekers who love to leverage the powerand reach of social media to explore career opportunities.

How we help you find your next job

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Search for jobs and apply by joining Rangam Talent Network

Search from hundreds of jobs posted at our website every day. Join Rangam Talent Network to get updates about the resume submission status and interview notifications.

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Connect with your Rangam contact

If you are a match, your recruiter will contact you for next steps.

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Follow up

Your recruiter will contact you to help improve your resume before submitting it to the client.

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One-on-one interview preparation

Once the interview is confirmed, we provide behavioral interview preparation guidance to help you excel in your interview.

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Have on-the-job questions or concerns?

Our relationship is never over. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your recruiter.