Thanksgiving thoughts


During this Thanksgiving season, Rangam would like to share with you what we are thankful for.We are very thankful for our workers. They are the heart of what we do, working each day on client site, making themselves indispensable, completing project after project. We feel like we have the best employees and they prove themselves over and over. They make us thankful every day.We are also thankful for our clients, both large and small. They entrust us every day with finding great candidates to fill their positions. We jump from Admin Assistants openings to Clinical Research Associates to NOC technicians to SAP programmers and more. We appreciate every opportunity they give us.We are also thankful for our internal teams that work so hard each day to not only connect job seekers with opportunities but to take care of our contract workers. Every day they bring their best to the table.Thankfulness is a choice. There are many who have so much, and are not satisfied, and there are those who have little and are so very thankful. We at Rangam choose to be thankful.Our cornucopia of blessings is full and running over. We hope the same for all of you.