Working with Rangam: Employee testimonials


Any agency can brag about how great it is, and why you should work for them. At Rangam, we let our employees do the talking: 1. Rangam Consultants has a complete team of recruiters looking for the correct person who can fill the characteristics, qualifications and studies for their clients. This is a wonderful company. Since day one Rangam Consultants has been a blessing for me. They are a very structured company that takes care of both the client and the employee and all their necessities. They treat me like I have been working for them for years. Every time I have a question they immediately are there for me. I am their first placement here in Puerto Rico where the labor laws are different but Rangam always makes sure everything runs smooth like heaven. I couldn?t work for a better company. I wish Rangam Consultants a year full of blessings and business especially here in PR and I also wish one day you guys have so many placements in this region that you can open an office here. Thanks a lot to all at Rangam! IvetteAdministrative Assistant(Large pharmaceutical company) in PR 2. It was a pleasure to meet everyone from Rangam. You all were so nice and cheerful. I thank you so much for getting this job for me. JeanneProject Implementation Department(Large telecommunications company) in PA