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9 Things Recruiters Don't Want to Hear

March 16, 2023

The interviewee’s goal for a job interview, whether you're experienced or just out of college, is to get hired. Everything said in an interview adds or detracts from someone’s chances of landing the job. However, sometimes in your quest to convince the recruiter, you can say all the wrong things that seem right for the moment. But later, while reflecting on how the interview went, you may cringe at your answers. Even if a candidate has a stellar resume and great professional achievements, it’s still possible for the interviewer to remember only the things they didn't want to hear. Here are some cliches that you should avoid during an interview. Complaining about your current job Companies want to hire positive people. Even if you had a miserable time with your current employer, never complain about that during the interview. Companies look for people who can ... View Post