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Are Your After-Work Events Inclusive?

February 22, 2023

When lockdowns were announced worldwide in 2020 and the primary domain of work transferred overnight from the office to the home, an aspect of office life that was keenly missed by many was the Christmas parties and after-work drinks. At these social events organised either by the employer or by co-workers independently, you could come together with your colleagues in a more casual context and get the opportunity to get to know the people you work with a little better. These events are a great bonding opportunity and can help foster a sense of identity and belonging in your organisation. When you’re neurodivergent, however, navigating the nuances of social situations can be difficult even at the best of times and this fact can often be overlooked when it comes to expectations around participation at after-work events. As an Autistic person, I know firsthand how tricky these ... View Post

Explaining your job role to a kid

January 06, 2023

If you love what you do, everything around gets easier! Have you ever wondered why it's easier for some people to explain what they do than most of us? One of the biggest reasons is they love what they do. And when you love what you do, you don't just do it for a living; you live with it every day. Eventually, it becomes a part of your identity and personality. When you truly love what you do, you talk about it to everyone, even to kids, in the most amazing and engaging way! You talk to ... View Post