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Black Business Month: Making it Meaningful

August 01, 2022

August is observed as Black Business Month in the US, which is a great opportunity to celebrate Black businesses locally and nationwide. The idea was first created in 2004 by engineer Frederick E Jordan (Senior) and historian Jordan William Templeton who realized that finance options for Black entrepreneurs were limited. Templeton was the editor of one of the oldest Black-owned newspapers in the US while Jordan faced hurdles to secure finance for his construction and engineering company in 1969. Their goal was to drive policy affecting more than 2.6 million Afro-American businesses, generate awareness, and eradicate systemic inequities that an overwhelming majority of Black-owned organizations have always faced and continue to face. Black Business Month is a call to empower Black entrepreneurs and forge economic inclusivity for all. According to US Census Bureau data, Black-owned ... View Post

Will LGBT Employees Leave for Remote Work?

June 28, 2022

When Olivia Miller began interviewing for a position with a finance company, she was enthusiastic about what her prospective employer had to offer: the opportunity to lead a team as the senior vice-president (marketing) and a supportive work environment. The only problem was that the organization was headquartered in New York while Olivia stayed in Sacramento. However, with work from home (WFH) becoming the preferred norm during COVID-19 and afterwards, Olivia decided to take the offer. The ... View Post