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Workplace Mental Health: The Secret to Business Success

May 27, 2022

The world is talking about mental health conditions more than ever before. This is in large part thanks to social media and other platforms for giving mental health advocates the opportunity to raise their voices louder than ever. While the world is still learning, the increasing awareness, screening, and diagnosis of mental illness have encouraged more and more people to speak up about their experiences and mental health journeys. Mental illness affects not only people’s personal lives but also their professional lives. That’s why it has become a priority for businesses that want to boost their bottom lines. Mental health matters in the workplace State of Mental Health In America 2021 report suggests that anxiety has reached the highest level since the pandemic began, and the depression rate has jumped by 3x. Depression has become one of America’s most costly ... View Post

Small Acts of Empathy: Making a Difference (Part 1)

May 26, 2022

Earlier this month, a seemingly ‘minor’ incident broke out at the Ranchi airport in India. A child was denied boarding a flight because according to the airline’s officials, he wasn’t behaving ‘normally.’ A staffer of the airline allegedly said that the child, a wheelchair user, was in a state of panic and would be a threat to other passengers. The boy, who already had a very uncomfortable ride to the airport, was distressed by the time he passed security ... View Post

Tackling Loneliness in the Workplace

May 24, 2022

The abrupt shift towards remote working brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has been welcomed by many for its positive impact on work/life balance. However, as brick-and-mortar offices emptied out and were swapped for Zoom calls, some employees have reported a sense of loneliness and disconnection, exacerbated by the world of work moving online. This impact was felt particularly by the disabled community, a cross-section of society that already all too often finds itself marginalised due to ... View Post