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Three Must-Have Skills for Business Leaders in 2021

December 30, 2020

Business leadership in 2021 is going to be different from what it has been for a very long time. While industries are gradually reopening and people are returning to work, a degree of uncertainty still prevails in the job market. In order to restore confidence, rebuild trust and regain resilience, business leaders will have to sharpen their focus on an exhaustive array of imperatives in the post-pandemic world. Here are three must-have skills for leaders to stay relevant and sustain continued growth in 2021 and beyond. Empathy It is important to demonstrate empathy while communicating with employees, partners, and customers. A leader must be able to walk in another person’s shoes to see the world from their perspective and understand what is important to them. In the context of the current situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, empathy is being able to ask how ... View Post

Set Realistic Goals to Increase Productivity

January 27, 2020

Goals should be realistic. Period. Unrealistic goals cannot be achieved. You can never have the dedication to pursue goals that are hard to achieve. For instance, if you’re given a target to increase productivity by 100 percent, it means you may have to work 10x harder than what you’re doing now. Such a target is highly unrealistic. It’ll be more practical to set an incremental target of 15-20 percent increase in productivity and work persistently to achieve the target. ... View Post

Corporate Citizenship & Empowerment

January 22, 2020

Businesses are increasingly understanding the importance of giving something back to the community. Recent researches have shown that to earn the trust of communities, a corporation should carry out good business that has a positive social impact. The role of responsible corporate citizenship has since assumed the highest importance in emerging economies. In many countries, challenges such as extreme poverty and lack of access to gainful employment have created an imperative need for ... View Post

Five Ways a Leader Can Prepare Their Team for an Unplanned Change

September 03, 2019

Unplanned changes are usually a result of unforeseen circumstances. Since they come unannounced, it's important to have contingency plans in place to deal with them without causing panic across the board. This is where leadership comes in. Leadership is all about taking risks others would avoid taking. It's also about making quick but correct decisions to mitigate the effects of unexpected disruptions. A leader can make their team better by turning obstacles into opportunities and stumbling ... View Post

How Similar or Different are Management and Leadership

August 05, 2019

Management and leadership are often considered the same in many organizations. Though the two share a number of similar traits, they differ in the sense that while all leaders are managers, not all managers are leaders. Managing and leading are two complementary qualities that are linked to each other. Extricating one from the other is impossible. Leaders inspire and motivate, whereas managers plan, organize, and coordinate. A leader sets his eyes on the bigger picture, while a manager puts ... View Post