Acquiring life skills unlocks imagination and creativity

Change the way autism is perceived and managed across different settings and locales

Special education is all about synchronizing various “touchpoints”

Learn how to evaluate, plan, intervene, and gather data by using affordable technology

It’s wonderful to pop soap bubbles

Go digital to run around and identify real objects before time runs out

Communication gets better with technology

Get the best of both physical and virtual worlds, thanks to the NFC protocol

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There is a smarter way to track a child’s growth

Ask the experts in child development and pediatric psychology

Feeling protected and safe fosters emotional well-being

Create an access-controlled collection of photos and videos worth reliving over and over

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A child with autism grows up to be an adult with autism

Watch out for early signs of developmental delays

New parents have a tool to monitor infant development

Answer a few simple questions to ascertain whether there is any cause for alarm